• Applications and interfaces tailor made for your company.

  • The heart of a software manufactory is committed employees.

Software Manufactory

Applications and interfaces tailor made for your company.

The heart of a software manufactory is made up of committed employees, dedication to the product and an understanding of the client.

We at sirius-net take these tasks very seriously. Our customers always have a personal contact person that is familiar with the project, and they know which developers are responsible for the implementation. Open questions can be discussed in personal talks with the contact person or developer.

Media Asset Management

All media databases serve the basic purpose of making images, texts, videos and sounds available to a predetermined circle of users in a user-friendly way.

Every database has a special focus and its own concept, so that over the years a highly versatile configurable system has developed.


presse.porsche.de – the website where Porsche makes image and video material available to the worldwide press. The system also dispatches every Porsche AG press release. Large sections of the site are open to the public.

Information security and data protection

As the operator of our own infrastructure, our clients obviously demand that we place a special emphasis on information security and data protection. To this end, we have gained a TISAX certificate (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) for the joint testing and exchange mechanism of the VDA, have regular penetration tests carried out and have our own in-house data protection officer. TISAX as a registered trademark governed by the ENX Association is a standard for information security defined by the automotive industry.

In addition to our personal commitment within all our client projects, we have integrated our know-how into our solution for legally certain company management as a full information management system. TISAX relies on essential aspects of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001.

Certified solution for customs regulations

Within the scope of a customer project, we familiarized ourselves intensively with customs regulations and were able to provide a solution for which our client received “Authorized Exporter” certification from the customs authorities. It thus interprets the use of the very latest legal information against the real sales prices and quantities in client shipping. Today, the solution saves clients millions in costs.


Votteler – up-to-date legal certainty in the documentation of export goods. We combine order data with digitalized documents and interpret up-to-date legal information against sales prices and quantities. And not only as a process description on paper but as a productive application.

Legally secure company organization

Together with ProVis, we have developed an information system based on SaaS for a legally certain company organization. ProVe.Sys is a solution with automated index of legal provisions to meet the demands and obligations of a modern company. The use of ProVe.Sys supports you sustainably in the legally certain company organization, primarily in environmental and work safety and quality management. With ProVe.Sys, you are optimally prepared for official inspections, audits, certifications etc.


ProVis – ProVe.Sys information system as On Prem or Cloud solution with clients from industry and waste management. In addition to elements of operational organization and administration of the necessary legal standards (legal compliance), the focus is on tracking activities with the associated version-safe documentation.

sirius-net GmbH oversees the IT implementation of the conceptual specifications developed by ProVis for ProVe.Sys and operates this solution as a SaaS model.

Development and Digital Expertise

sirius-net has been a business partner of the industry for many years. As an operator, we are familiar with all the major manufacturers. Through constant employee training, we develop customer solutions with current front-end technologies, interfaces to your On Prem or Cloud systems complement our expertise. We secure your investments by modernizing applications while maintaining ongoing processes.


Weinig – For the international sales portal of Weinig with 60 databases and 2500 users, we have implemented a modern user interface based on Angular while maintaining all data, interfaces and operational processes in ongoing 24/7 operations.